Gindaco Takoyaki Stall

www.misopeckish.comThere are tons of fast convenient snack options in Tokyo.  Convenience stores abound with sliced fruit, bread, pastries, Japanese sweets, chips, sandwiches and onigiri (rice balls), sushi etc.  But if you crave something hot, filling and cheap, then you should try eating octopus balls, also known as takoyaki. 

Takoyaki is a slow-cooked ball of batter with a small, chewy piece of octopus in the centre.  The batter contains tempura scraps, red pickled ginger and pieces of green onion.  The octopus balls are covered with a heavy sweet sauce, mayonnaise, seaweed bits and bonito flakes.  Most izakaya (Japanese-style bars) will serve takoyaki with a soft outer shell.

The best place to get your takoyaki fix is from Gindaco, which is a chain outlet store that serves a large variety of takoyaki and alcohol as well as other smaller snack items.

You will always see the staff continuously cooking takoyaki to meet the demand.

I blindly order some takoyaki balls, by pointing at a picture.  The only variant of the takoyaki is the toppings.  These are pipping hot, so be careful when you first bite into them, as I ended up burning my mouth.   The takoyaki were slightly crispy on the outside and soft and gooey inside with a big chunk of octopus in the middle.  I could easy down these by the dozen.

Kariage Chicken – Plus 1 is a huge fan of kariage chicken (deep fried chicken) these are cooked to order.  Served pipping hot.  These bite size chicken are so succulent when you bite into it, all its juices flow into your mouth.   The outside of the chicken is wonderfully seasoned and crisp.

Location: various locations throughout Tokyo.

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