Tsujiki Suzuki

www.misopeckish.comSuzuki is a small restaurant that seats 8 people in room along a counter and a private room which seats another 6.  On the day we arrived, there were only 6 people who dined.  We were the first to arrive at 6pm, which meant the chef had lots of time to come and talk to us, explain the foods he uses and about himself and asking questions of us.

The restaurant is run by a husband and wife team who have been here for the past 3 years.  Prior to that they were in New York working as a chef at Sakagura.  Their English is passable, such that you can understand what each of the dishes that are served up.


The menu changes weekly and is based on seasonal Japanese produce.   This is one very good little restaurant where he remembers everyone who has dine at his place.  He also takes note of the menu so that if you do decide to come dine again you will not be given the same menu.

We had our hotel concierge to make the booking for us.  Not knowing what to expect nor the costs involved, we were only hoping that this place would be tasty and value for money.

The decor is minimal, clean and simplistic, allowing more effort to be placed on the food.   Some of the dishes you will see the chef preparing our plates in front of us at the counter.


We had an 11 course set menu which consisted of the following dishes:

Steamed Cod Fish Liver in Yuzu – was a very interesting dish where a yuzu was hollowed out to act as a serving bowl for the cod fish liver.   The cod fish liver absorbed the flavours of the yuzu providing a nice subtle but refreshing flavour to thec cod fish liver.


Selection of Sushi consisting of (from left to right):



Sea Cucumber – Had never been a fan of sea cucumber as they look gruesome.  I decided to give it a go since this would be the one and only time I will try it.  It was interesting to say the least. It was pickled with tea and

Sweet Shrimp with a Crumbed top –  sweet flavoursome

Fish eggs in Egg roll – like your normal Japanese egg roll with fish eggs inside.  Each bite you can hear the eggs popping in your mouth giving off small bursts of juice.

Crab wrapped in daikon – the daikon was crunchy

Slice of Roast Duck –  delicately cooked where it was still pink inside and very tender.

Tapioca wrapped in Sea Eel

Octopus had a smokey flavour, and was succulent and tender – this was the highlight of the dish.

Monkfish Foie Gras – this was definitely an interesting item, creamy and rich.

Abalone – was tender and very tasty.

Sansai – Japanese mountain vegetables.  Have never encountered these before.  they were fragrant, with a slight bitter taste.

Turnip and Clam Soup – grounded daikon topped with Clams which is then topped with a thin slice of daikon and grated zest from a yuzu.  When the lid was released, a beautiful aroma floated into the air.  the grounded daikon was creamy which went very well with the clams


bamboo shoot in Dashi – Bamboo shoot was lightly grilled on one side giving off a nice smokey flavour


Fugu with two sauce (Ponzu and Cod Liver sauce)  – the raw fugu has an interesting texture like rubber which I quite enjoy.  it went well with the sauce mixed in.  Ponzu sauce giving off a nice sticky sweet flavour while the cod liver sauce balanced it well.


Selection of Sashimi with freshly grounded wasabi consisting of:

Squid with a lettuce stalk – the squid was tender

Yellow Tail Fish Belly and top  – was sweet and flavoursome


The freshly grated wasabi was very hot.  I dipped my chopstick into the wasabi for a taste and it quickly went to my nose.  This is how I determine how good the wasabi is.

Baked Snow Crab with two types of Roe (inside and outside).  A whole crab was served, shelled except the body which was used to present the crab on.  layers upon layers of crab meat was placed within the body of the shell and then topped with crab roe.  the popping of the roe was an enjoyment to the ears with every bite.


Grilled Fish with water chestnut and taro – Fish was grilled in a sweet sticky miso sauce and topped with grated yuzu.  The taro was lightly deep fried.  cooked to perfection.   Plus1 usually is not a fan of taro, however he happily consumed the entire dish without any hesitation.


Soft tofu skin with tile fish, crab, prawn and lily bulb.    outstanding dish.  a marriage of all ingredients that seem to be well suited to be together.


Tomato sorbet with fish  and vinegar jelly – ingredients which I would never would ahve thought would work, but it did.  Each ingredient complimented each other well.  Very tasty, the vinegar jelly gave a slight kick, while the tomato sorbet dulled the kick vinegar jelly.


Oyster claypot rice – delicious!.   chopped oysters cooked on short grain rice with an egg beaten though it.  Rice was perfectly cooked such that it had a good crust which is the reason why people eat claypot rice for its crust at the bottom of the pot.  I am generally not a huge rice eater, but managed to down two bowls without any hesitation.


Matcha sweet soup with glutenious rice dumplings – was simply delicious.  I love matcha and I love glutinous rice dumplings.  two of the my favourite things in one dish made me float into the air… the matcha sweet soup had the right level of sweetness and the glutenous rice balls were of the perfect bite size pieces.


Sake – I ordered a fruity sake.  Unsure what it was as the drinks menu was in Japanese.  I just told the chef i wanted sake and he told me whether I wanted ‘dry’, ‘sweet’ or ‘fruity’.  I opted for a cold fruity one.  It was simply delicious.  Plus 1 had no hesitation gulping down half of my sake without even being offered any..



I thoroughly enjoyed  our meal.   Food was fresh and unique.

Location:  2-15-4 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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