Cereal Killa

www.misopeckish.comEverytime I drive along Dominion Road to satisfy my cheap Asian eats hunger , I always wondered how good the food would be at Cereal Killa.  The name sounds very interesting and  tells me they do not serve cereal.

I decided to make a trip with my mum  as I was up in Auckland for the day visiting her.  And had only realised that she loves eggs benedict which I had not known before.  perhaps it is because I am the only one who takes her to cafes, while my other siblings tend to eat Asian food. *typical*

Cereal Killa’s interior is  light, airy and fresh,  adorned with old small cereal boxes on the walls on the tables.


There are a couple of pop art styled art works of a pin up girl coffee portafilter, mismatch chairs that were picked up from an op shop – which seems to be the trend at the moment with all the cafes. 


Flatwhite was nice and strong – something I needed to keep me up for the day.  Coffee beans are by eightthirty.   There was a little wait for our brunch items, by which time I had already consumed all my coffee.


Avocado Eggs Benedict with Spinach, Tomato & Bacon –  other options  over the bacon were haloumi or salmon.  Unfortunately the salmon had ran out for the day, luckily  mum wanted the bacon.  I personally would have ordered the salmon.   Mum loved it.  The bread was slightly toasted with a good serving of smashed of avocado topped with some lightly sauteed spinach  with two perfectly poached eggs.   The holandise sauce was served on a separate side dish, which allowed you to apply as little or as much sauce as you wanted.   


The bacon was just cooked – the way I like it, as I am not a huge fan of crispy bacon, it was slightly salty, but then bacon is salty.

Haloumi Salad – on a fragrant herb slaw with citrus dressing. I had asked for a half haloumi and half chicken salad, but was informed they had ran out of chicken that day.  Mind you arriving at 2pm for brunch was fairly late in the day and had accepted that some items may be sold out.  I opted for haloumi with either additional avocado or mushroom.  The waiter informed me that avocado would be better, so I took his advice.


I was taken back by the serving size of the salad.  I could barely eat half.  which basically left me for full for the remainder of the day.  The salad consisted of red cabbage, roasted kumara and potatoes, carrots and snow pea shoots.  It was nice to have such a filling salad, especially having a huge piece of steak the previous night.

Cereal Killa is a great little cafe.  Light and airy.  The service here was attentive, friendly and approachable.   Food was both appealing to the eye and the mouth, well seasoned which was accompanied by great coffee.

Location: 360H Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland

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