www.misopeckish.comWe decided to come since we were on a Malaysian roll, after reading rave reviews for Mamak’s in Chancery Lane in Auckland especially their roti chennai. we decided to give this place a try to see if it actually is what everyone was talking about.
Mamak refers to Tamil Muslims who own and operate late night stalls

We arrived quite early, looking into the distance it looked as if it was closed (being a Sunday evening), but in fact they were just opening shop at 5pm.

There are both indoor and outdoor seating.   The shop itself is quite tiny.  We decided to sit outside under some umbrellas to enjoy the warm evening, unlike other Malaysian places where seating is all indoors noisy and cramped. You feel you can take your time without needing to rush.

We placed our orders and not too long after our dishes started to arrive as and when they were ready.

Teh Tehrik – lukewarm pulled tea with condense milk is as expected – airy, sweet, strong tea flavour.  Nothing to fault here.

Seafood Laksa – The highlight of this dish is the amount of large prawns around 4 prawns. Te laksa also boasted lots of prawn paste dumplings and deep fried tofu and bean sprouts.  I did not find this dish to be tasty at all, it was bland, even the prawns were bland

Mee Goreng – Quite nice. The sauce was sweet, thick and had a good tomato flavour.  We ordered this with medium spice and Plus 1 did not want to eat too spicy.  The spice level was catered to the local spice taste (not very spicy).

Roti – Roti was ok.  The roti was soft but not flaky.  We dipped the roti into the curry from the laksa.  Once the roti cooled down, it turned a bit hard which did not appeal to me.    I was expecting chiffon type roti to be honest.


People seem to rate this place quite highly.  I did not enjoy the laksa so much, it just lacked flavours.  Would I go back? Yes to try other items on the menu, but no doubt will not be ordering the laksa again.

Location:  50 Kitchener Street CBD, Chancery St, Auckland

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  1. Jackie says:

    Is mil. K. a brand? Where can i get it? what do you mean by airy sweet?

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