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www.misopeckish.comLong Bar is the only authentic Malaysian restuarnat in Wellington CBD area, which has been around in the15 years that I have lived in Wellington.

Long Bar is open for lunch and Dinner, but it is advisable to make a reservation for lunch, as it can get quite busy here.  The dinner menu is more extensive than the lunch menu.

Curry Puffs – cooked to order.  These deep fried morsels are a delight to eat.  Filled with curry, potatoes, carrots and curry that goes well when eaten together. the pastry is thin and slightly sweet.  If it is eaten fresh, the pastry is slighy crisp just the way that I like it.  From all the curry puffs that I have tried in wellington, I think these are the best.


Mee Goreng – Spicy fried egg noodles with chicken, beef, eggs and mixed vegetables.  – very authentic and perhaps the only Malaysian restaurant in Wellington that serves small diced potato within the mee goreng.  This is my favourite dish from this restaurant.  Every time we come where either myself or Plus 1 will order this dish.   If you want the mee goreng to be more spicy, Long Bar will have no trouble adding more spice to it,  I have had it quite spicy and it is really spicy i.e. Asian spicy.


Char Keow Teow – I requested to have it less oily.  It was still quite oily when it came out.  The personally found that the char keow teow was tasteless, no flavours what so ever.



Kumbing Soup – Lamb dices cooked in Chef’s own spices soup and served with noodles.  Broth is dark, rich and flavoursome.   The mutton was not as tender as I had hope but no matter, it was still eatable.


Bee Hoon – rice vermicelli with BBQ pork, capsicums, onions, bean sprouts and eggs – An alternative to the mee goreng which Plus 1 always gets and I have a rule that we both cannot get the same thing, so I opt for Bee Hoon.   You can ask for this dish to be spicier if required.  This is not as oily as a Char Keow Teow, and not as heavy as a mee goreng. It is just right.  Good flavours and a good selection of  vegetables.




Long Bar is one of my favourite lunch places.  Meals are hearty that will satisfy your tastebuds and stomach.  The food is made to order and comes out pretty fast.  It is advisable to make a reservation if you are wanting to dine during the peak lunch time rush to avoid any disappointment.

Location:  22 Brandon St, Wellington

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  1. Sylvia says:

    How many people do you dine with? Are these 4 meal for 4 people or are they quite small portions?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      Hi, it depends. On this occasions with Long Bar this is an amalgamation of a couple of visits.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Do you cook at home?

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