Bordeaux Bakery – Thorndon

www.misopeckish.comDecided to give Bordeaux Bakery a try since I have not been here in several years.  I recall back in the day, this place use to be bustling with people, where finding a seat use to be difficult.  These days, it seems the opposite.  Fairly empty, and all I saw were a bunch of cyclist most likely having finished their early morning ride coming in for a spot of brunch, as I saw a lot of bicycles parked outside as I walked in.

Bordeaux Bakery serves a large variety of counter food which are baked in-house ranging from breads, sweet patisseries, savoury breads, salads, pies and quiches aswell as an a la carte brunch and lunch menu.


Flat White –  is always served first and I always drink it all before my order arrives.  The coffee itself was quite nice, not too bitter and served at the right temperature.

Croque Monsieur – Layers of brioche filled with ham and white sauce topped with cheese and ham.  Quite disappointing to say the least.  Did not see any white (bechamel) sauce.   A thin piece of shaved ham was layered in withing the croque monsieur with a thicker piece of ham on top.  the brioche was light.  The side of salad was ordinary but ruined by the amount of dressing it had.

Croque Madam –  Layers of brioche filled with ham and white sauce topped with cheese and ham – lacked seasoning, same as above.  the egg on top was poached beautifully, the yolk was still runny.  Again, the bechamel sauce was missing.

Tiramisu – was disgusting and perhaps the worst patisserie i have had in recent times.  Very little sponge in the centre, with a lot of cream, covered in with a thin layer of chocolate.  what I hate is ordering something that looks devine but turns out to be the total opposite.  I ate a quarter of it and left the remainder.   Definitely not worth getting again.

The patisserie here are quite pricey.  Food is pretty average to say the least, nothing outstanding.  I will not be in a rush to come back here any time soon.

Location: 220 Thorndon Quay, Thorndon, Wellington

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