Banh Mi K

www.misopeckish.comAfter a bout of a not so satisfying dinner, I was on the lookout for something satisfying, whether it be dessert, a coffee, a patisserie, a savoury snack or something else that appealed to me.

We were walking  back to the hotel and saw Banh Mi K.  With my fond fresh memories of the gorgeous banh mi I had in Ho Chi Minh city I thought I would give the banh mi a try, since Sydney hosts a number of Vietnamese people I thought the quality should not be to bad.

Banh Mi K offers a number of different flavoured banh mi raging from the classic to lemongrass chicken, grilled pork skewers, pork meatballs and of course the vegetarian.  I opted for the original, looking at the ingredients I could not wait to get into it.

Classic Pork Banh Mi – served with red and white pork terrine, steamed pork, chicken liver pate, mayo, shallots, coriander, cucumber, pickled carrot and white radish with special sauce and fresh chillies (optional).    The bun was warmed in this device which also helps the bread to crisp up.  the lady behind the counter kept piling the filling into the bun, I was about to say ‘no more’  but before I could, she stopped.

I took it outside to eat and I took my first bite, all the crumbs from the bread landed on my front. the bun  was crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.  Good combination of meats and greens.  the pickled carrots  and coriander gave the banh mi a good crunch

The inclusion of the chillies provide an intense kick which I thoroughly enjoyed.  However Plus 1 thought it was far to hot.

The banh mi was ok.  I would not say it is the best and most likely would not go back again if there are other places to try. However it is good value for money at $4.95 is a steal with the amount of filling that you get in the banh mi.

Location:  G2/730-742 George Street Haymarket, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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