Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

www.misopeckish.comIf your a chocolate fan and want a chocolate overload, this is the perfect destination for all things chocolate ranging from cakes, drinks, waffles,  chocolate, pastries, biscuits, pizza and more.

Max Brenner a chain outlet with many stores located across Australia and has now expanded  to USA, Israel, Russia, Japan and Singapore.   We were taken here by a family member who clearly loves desserts and chocolates.

After a little wait, we managed to get a table.    Service was mediocre, most of the waiters and waitresses were in their early 20’s who seemed to not know a lot and delivering orders to the wrong tables.

We ordered a few dessert items to share.

Hot Chocolate –  thick gooey, sweet and chocolaty that reminded me of the hot chocolate I use to get in Italy.   First couple of sips were nice, warming giving a good homely feel on a cold evening, however I found it too sickly to drink it all, even shared between the four of us, we could not finish it.

Chocolate Fondue –  perhaps the most well balanced dessert dish of the evening.  A combination of dark and milk chocolate fondue with fresh fruits of strawberry and banana, banana bread and marshmallows.

Tutti Fruitti Waffle –  Belgium waffle drizzled with chocolate served with ice cream, strawberries and banana.  The waffle was premade and once again microwaved warmed. then garnished.   The waffle was dry.  Not a very interesting dessert to say the least, but the little ones (kids) did enjoy it.

Chocolate Souffle – I was expecting the light fluffy version of a souffle that you would find at a nice French restaurant.  I was very disappointed to say the least that it was a warm chocolate pudding/chocolate lava cake.  The pudding itself was rich and warm, as you dig into the dessert a warm gooey chocolate flowed out from the centre.   It was nice. but to sweet and rich for my liking.

All the dessert items were all premade and are heated warm in the microwaved then decorated with more chocolate sauce.   It is a simple shop serving all things chocolate.  It would be safe to say that this place caters towards a certain crowd and may not be loved by everyone.  I personally do not enjoy these types of dessert places.  They are over priced, most of the items have been premade.

Location:  Shop MG 24, Metcentre, 273 George St, Sydney, Australia

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