German Arms Hotel

www.misopeckish.comWe decided to take a  day trip to Hahndorf which is a little German town on the outskirts of Adelaide –  about an hours drive south east.  Thinking they would serve tonnes of delicious German food.  Yes I admit, I do love German food, the schnitzel, spatzel, black forest cake, apple strudel, pretzels and the odd sausage here and there.

Since this was a German town, Plus 1 wanted to have a schnitzel.  Thinking that they should be really good here.  We decided to put into the German Arms Hotel, which is one of two main pubs in Handorf.

The venue is considerably spacious, and the decor is traditional with good use of timber.  Their menu offers a large selection of schnitzel (chicken, beef, pork) sausages and burgers).  the usual pub fair you would expect.

Beef Schnitzel – served with golden fries and either salad or vegetables.  The beef schnitzel was ok.  Looked a bit burnt for my liking and not as thin as I was hoping  for schnitzel .  The fries were golden and cooked to perfection.


Jagerschnitzel – tender crumbed pork with creamy mushroom sauce and rhine potoato.    The sauce was thick, lacked seasoning, which seemed like it was made from cornflour, very few mushrooms, accompanied with a couple of fried potatoes.   Plus 1 was expecting more, perhaps a large piece of schnitzel  and one that did not look as thick as a steak.  Being in a German town, one would think that a schnitzel would be made and cooked perfectly.

Even though I was not expecting much  in terms of the quality of the food from a Pub, The service was fine, whenever I needed a wait staff, there was always one around whom I could flag down.  The dish was not as authentic as I would have hoped for.

Location:  69 Main St, Hahndorf, South Australia, Australia

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