Cibo Expresso

Cibo Espresso began in 2000 to provide a ‘simply Italian’ experience.  The founders, Roberto Cardone, Salvatore Pepe, Angelo Inglese and Claudio Ferraro, then opened their first Cibo Espresso on Rundle Street in the city. They now have 17 outlets around Adelaide, and all do a roaring trade.

I was feeling a bit peckish while Plus 1 wanted an ice cream to cool down with in this heat wave which Adelaide was experiencing, so what better way to kill two birds with one stone by going to Cibo.  We had not realised that Cibo was a chain restaurant until we starting seeing them all over Adelaide.

Cibo offers a large selection of various counter food ranging from sweet treats (cakes, slices, gelato) to savoury items (sandwiches, piadina, salads), pizza etc.

I ordered a Piadina Capocollo  containing capocollo, mozzarella and rocket.   The Piadina was satisfactory, however I have had better ones previously.  But since you cannot get them back home, I could not complain too much.  The cheese was melted, however I thought it could have done with more cheese, such that it would stretch when you pulled it away from your mouth.  It had lacked seasoning, which I had to add a bit more salt.

The portion size was ‘massive’ – three large bits, of which I could only finish of 2 bits.


Blood Orange Gelato and Lemon sorbet – was cold and refreshing, just what one needed in this heat wave.  The gelato contained a lot of citrus, where my mouth went a bit funny from all the citrus.

Ice coffee – came with a scoop of vanilla gelato by default, but I changed this to coffee flavoured gelato.  The ice coffee was still warm when it arrived which was a bit disappointing.  I was expecting some ice cubes to be used in order to cool down the espresso.  The only sweetness of the ice coffee came from the scoop of gelato.

Location:  218 Rundle Street, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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