Milse – Take 2

There and back again.   I just could not resist for some nice dessert at Milse.   It has been nearly a year since I was last here.  Everything is the same except the desserts, with seasonal flavours.






The main clientele are mostly young females.   However Plus 1 was more than happy to dine here, even though he was the only male here while we were dining.

Bomb Alaska now served on a stick.  similar to the bomb alaska that I had previously, but this time on a stick.  Made from vanilla ice cream with a layer of raspberry sorbet covered in white chocolate. the white chocolate tasted a lt like Nestle milk chocolate which I am not really a fan of.


Mango and raspberry gelato stick – very fragile to say the least.    The mango and raspberry sorbet were sweet but tangy, on this sunny day it was difficult to eat as it was melting all over my hand faster than I can consume it.  so I was rushing to eat it before it was given ot the concrete below me.


Cherry, Valrhona Dulce – Tasted similar to a tiramisu but with cherries.  If you enjoy chocolate and mousse then you would love this.

Lemon & Elderflower Housemade Soda – Tasted more elderflower than lemon.  It had the right balance between the sweet of the sugar and the sour of the lemon.  A very freshing drink.

The dessert sizes have certainly reduced in size from the first time I was there.

Location:  The Pavilions at Britomart, 27 Tyler Street, Britomart, Auckland

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