www.misopeckish.comI have been here several times on recommendation from Plus 1 who comes to Auckland  for work quite often.  Genzui is located in the Atrium on Elliott shopping centre, next to the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which is quite convenient if you are staying at the Crowne Plaza.  It is a small restaurant that can get quite busy during the peak lunch time and dinner hours.

This place seems to be run by three Japanese girls/ladies.  Despite calling itself a ramen bar,  they actually offer much more than ramen.  Such as donburi, salads, soups, sashimi, chicken and tofu dishes just to name a few.

Every time I come here I struggle what to have, as I want everything.  Genzui offers a very large selection of ramen and ramen is all  about the broth.

Items are served as and when they are ready, which suits me as I like my food pipping hot.

Goyza – Five goyza’s which are made from pork and prawn, not the usual y pork and cabbage goyza that I am use to  but are filled with pork and prawn.

Slightly on the oilier side for my liking, however these goyza’s are fairly succulent.  These are cooked to order so you can always be assured that they will arrive pipping hot.  The skins are are and thin, so you do not full yourself up on more carbohydrates than necessarily.

Shoyo Ramen – soya based soup with bbq pork and veges.  This the most basic version of ramen there is.  Which I use as a base for comparison to other ramen restaurants which I have tasted.

Definitely will be back as this is one of Plus1 favourite Japanese ramen restaurants in Auckland.   There is a lot of variety here to cater toward all taste buds.

Location:  128 Albert St (Level 4, Atrium on Elliot), Auckland


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