Prefab – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comI have been back several occasions since my first review for both breakfast and lunch.

What is good about this place is the menu changing frequently with the classic items such as eggs, burger salad remaining the same if not a very slight variant of the classics.

On most occasions when I enter the cafe, I always need to wait several minutes before being attended to, I do not know whether it is because I am a casual customer, and am not known by the staff or not a friend of the staff which makes me feel like a less important customer who is ordering the same sort of food as everyone else.  

The service here tends to be a hit and miss.  Sometimes you get wait staff who are friendly and bubbly and other days you get ones that just slaps your beverage and food on the table and let you be.  You notice the ruder wait staff are much more friendlier to patrons  that they know (perhaps they are friends?).

Coffee is the same, a bit of a hit and miss even though the coffee barista is the same person. some times coffee can be too hot which burns the coffee, other times too much air bubbles when heating the milk

Hot x Bun – Buns are baked fresh each day.  These sweet soft morsels sport large juicy sultanas and currents, served with a side of gooey raspberry jam.  Refer to In search of Wellington’s Best Hot x Buns for detailed review.

Figs, Prosciutto and Ricotta on toasted brioche – At $17, I was expecting to see more than one thin slice of prosciutto to be honest.  The dish looked minimal, I was thinking whether I needed to order something else.   I as quite astonished to find that it was quite filling, partially due to the toasted brioche being heavier than I had anticipated.   The ricotta was gorgeous.  thick and creamy.   The thick balsamic vinegar drizzled over the  figs was delicious, giving it a sweet but slight tartiness to it.  All the items balanced well together.

Cream Doughnuts – these are my favorite gourmet doughnuts in Wellington, which reminds me of the doughnuts I get in Auckland when I am up there, which I am pretty sure these doughnuts are based of.   These doughnuts are made from brioche dough, which makes them softer than the classic old style long jam doughnuts.    If I know I am heading out this way, I usually call ahead to reserve a doughnut, as I have been caught several times, popping in last minute specifically for a doughnut and to be greeted with an empty plate.

Flat White – made from Prefabs own roasted beans – ACME, the coffee was better than the last one I had.

Will be back to try other items in the ever changing menu.

Location:  14 Jessie Street, Wellington


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