Istana Malaysia

www.misopeckish.comIstana Malaysia is perhaps become an institution which has been in existence ever since I have lived in Wellington, (over 10 years) and it is still going strong.   

Arriving quite late in the evening around 8.15pm, Istana Mayalsia was still housing a fair few number of people, ranging from the casual diners like ourselves and the more corporate people who were accommodated in a closed off section.

The decor has not changed a lot since I was last hear which I must admit had been a fair few number of years.   Plastic flower bouquets  are potted around the place, with the darkish walls giving off an earthy look.

Chicken Curry – had high expectations on the chicken curry, as you cannot go wrong with a simple chicken curry.   The curry was very runny, it lacked substance and seasoning.  The chicken pieces were chicken thighs, which was great as the thighs are the best part for curries as they tend to be more succulent and tender than breast meat.   Lots of chicken pieces.

Beef Rendang –  Perhaps the best dish here.   The beef rendang provided a perfect balance of spices and the tender meat that melts in your mouth.   The sauce had the right amount of thickness to it.  Which was great to eat with your rice or to dip some of the roti into the sauce mixture.

Mee Goreng – we opted for seafood version as a late addition as Plus 1’s eyes are always bigger than his stomach which meat we always order more than we needed.   The mee goreng took no time to cook.
The serving size was quite large compared to the other dishes.  The mee goreng was nice coated in this dark coloured sauce, but was bland to say the least.   seafood consisted from what I could see was one medium sized prawn, a handful of very very small mussels which you could not easily pin point that it was a mussels and a few bits of squid tentacles.   Very disappointed in this dish.

Lamb Murtabak – Quite a large serving size which consisted of four pieces which is great if you wanted to share the dish, as we normally do.  It came with a small bowl of curry which you use to dip the lamb murtabak.   The lamb was cooked with egg, which was interesting, like an omelette but then wrapped in a  roti.   The lamb murtabak was fairly dry, I found the egg to be over cooked and lacked seasoning, even after dipping the murtabak into the curry sauce it was still lacking in some seasoning.  To be honest it was average.  I have had better at a local take away store.

Roti are made in house.   At some other Malaysian restaurants they tend to outsource their roti which means the roti’s are not as soft and fresh as the ones that are made to order.

The roti’s itself were delicious and you can clearly taste these were made to order. they were soft, not too oily, not too try and slightly puffy.   Great to use to mop up the curry on your plate or dip them into the curry.   However I found that these a best eaten while they are still hot,  once they get cold they tend to harden.

Would love to go back to try their banana roti and more beef rendang.

Location:  1 Allen St, Te Aro, Te Aro, Wellington


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