Nam D – Banh Mi

www.misopeckish.comWalking along Willis Street with the intention of popping into Miyabi (a Japanese restaurant which has been around for as long as I can remember).  I saw a sign for banh mi by Nam D.

I decided to stroll in to have a look.  Nam D is an offshoot to Nam restaurant which sits next door.  “Di” in Vietnamese means “to go”, so Nam D equates to “Nam to Go” which specalises in quick  takeaway foods such as banh mi (which are made to order), rice rolls, salads, Vietnamese sweets  etc.

Due to the number of people ordering food items at Nam to takeaway, Nam decided to create a takeaway for this purpose and to have a dedicated person making the banh mi fresh.

The classic banh mi baguette is stuffed with butter, mayonnaise, pate, roast pork, meat loaf, pickles, fresh salads chilli’s and coriander.

You can have additional fillings such as poached chicken, Chinese sausage, BBQ pork, tofu fried egg for an additional $1 per item.

As I looked at how the banh mi was created I was comparing how they made it in Ho Chi Minh City, they were definitely not comparable.   Nam D provides less filling in terms of type and quantity.   My expectations of the the banh mi was no longer in existence. and was thinking where else I could go for lunch as I was thinking that this would not satisfy my taste buds.

The baguette was wrapped around a piece of tissue with a rubber band, in the same fashion as what you would expect  in Vietnam.

Taking my first bite, it was some better than I had expected.  The baguette itself was nice and crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside, it was delicious.  The sauces were not over powering nor was it too heavy, just right.  The combination of the meats, the pickles and salads married well together where the east meets the west  where the rich flavours from the pate and meats with the crunch from the fresh salad.

What I have noticed is that the bread rolls have changed over time based on past pictures I have seen.  The baguettes are now a cut from a longer baguette, where as previously they were small whole baguettes (which look more authentic than the current ones)

I am unsure how well this place will do, as I was the only one there at 12.30pm, and it did not seem that there was a high turn over of take away food.  With the classic bun mi at $7.50 it is competitively priced and perhaps has the same pricing structure of fill buns/rolls/baguettes at Bordeaux Bakery.

Have you had any other good banh mi experience? please let me know.

Location: 142 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington


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