Fisherman’s Plate

www.misopeckish.comYou may have walked past this place on Bond Street several times assuming it is just one ‘dingy’ fish and chip shop, not realising that Fisherman’s Plate also specialises in authentic Vietnamese food.

Fisherman’s Plate has undergone some minor renovations removing this awkward doorway which had previously lead to more seating out back.  The removal of the wall draws in more space and light, giving it a more welcoming and uncluttered feel.

Cha Gio – fried spring rolls, filled with rice vermicelli, mushroom and pork.  You would think fired spring rolls always come out oily, however this was not the case with these ones.  Perhaps the  oil was at the right temperature for the spring rolls. I could not complain.

The spring rolls were nice and crispy and juicy in the centre.  They came with a side of dipping sauce which did not over power the taste of the spring roll.  I have had some in Vietnam where they had been made in advance and had been sitting in a warmer draw.  I definitely recommend freshly cooked Cha Gio’s if I had the option.

Pho Bo – thinly sliced rare beef, floating in a flavourful homemade sweet broth along with thick flat rice noodles.  If you dunked the beef slices deeper into the soup, the soup would cook the beef for you. However Plus 1 is a huge of of rare beef that he threw them on top of a lettuce leaf so that it remained as rare as possible.

Pho Bo Hue – is a spicy beef noodle soup providing a combination of spicy, sour, salty and sweet flavors and the predominant flavor is that of lemon grass served with round thick rice noodles.  I threw in generous helpings of the fresh herbs  sprouts and lettuce chilli oil floating at the top.  Perhaps I am acustomed to the heat of the chilli that I did not find it very spicy at all.  so I went all out and put in all the sliced chilli and chilli sauce into my soup.

The noodle soups come with a side dish of fresh salad consisting of bean sprouts, lettuces, Vietnamese mints and herbs and a couple wedges of lemon which you use to throw into your soup.

The good thing with Vietnamese food is the DIY-ness of putting together the perfect combination of condiments.

Fisherman’s Plate is such a wee gem. OK, it may be lacking in ambiance, but it makes up for this entirely in the quality and freshness of the food on offer.

Location: 12 Bond St, Te Aro, Wellington



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