La Cloche

www.misopeckish.comLa Cloche is one of my favourite French brunching spots in Wellington serving good authenticFfrench food.  Serving a selection of sweet pastisseries aswell as french comfort food ranging from the classics such as French Onion Soup, Beef Bourginon, Croque Madam, Steak and Fries, filled baguettes, pates, and cheeses etc.

The cafe is light and airy which also has a kiddies corner fill of toys.

Forrest Mushroom Salad – nothing goes by my eyes if I see either mushrooms or truffle on the menu.   When the dish arrived, the dressing was on the side – exactly how i wanted it.   The salad had a nice serving of green leafy salad with small scattering of flat exotic mushrooms on top.  I was a bit disappointed in the lack of mushroom that was presented on my salad.   as I have had this dish previously which contained a lot more mushrooms and a different variety.  but I guess this came down to what exotic mushrooms  was in season or had on hand.   The bacon was very fatty.  in which I picked out and Plus 1 consumed with no hesitation.

Beef Bourginon –  came with a serving of smooth cheesy mashed potatoes and a serving of salad,  which was the same leafy salad as per my forest mushroom salad..  The beef itself was tender and melted in your mouth and very lean  very saucy.  which was good for dipping the bread in.

Almond Crossiant – Wow!  perhaps the best almond croissant in Wellington.  If you like value for money, then this is it.  A very large crossiant with almond filling baked on top, topped with thinly sliced almond and touch of fusted icing sugar.  When you pick up the crossiant it definitley has the weight behind it, with is one thing that signifies a good almond crossiant.   The almond crossiant had a nice crunchy topping and a good amount of almond filling in the inside.   Some of the almond paste that drizzled to the side provided a nice chewy texture.

Plain Croissant – the puffy slightly tannned coloured crossiant screamed out to me.  I gave in and ordered the crossiant as I did not want to miss out and think of what I would have missed out on.

Pistachio Macroon with cream and fresh fruit – with the love of fresh fruit and macaroons, what better way to satisfy my love is to purchase a giant pistachio macaroon with apricot puree in the centre surrounded by fresh cream and fresh raspberry between two layers of macaroon.  As much as I wanted this delightfully looking patisserie all to myself, Plus 1 decided to offer half of it to the ‘in laws’ who decided to pop around unexpectedly (as you can see it was attacked before I could take a picture of this perfect masterpiece.  I was already grumping to myself that the ‘in laws’  are fussy as they do not generally eat sweets and fatty foods.  However after having a bite of this wonderful patisserie, they immediately asked where I purchased this from, in which I told them, hoping they would get me a replacement one.


This is one of my favourite haunting grounds for patisserie in Wellington.  Will defintely be back for more patisserie.

Location:  134 Hutt Rd, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington



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