Auntie Sweet

www.misopeckish.comIt was our last evening in Hong Kong, I was in search for another Asian dessert shop, as my usual haunting place Hui Lau Shan has put up their prices considerably that I no longer think it is value for money for very similar desserts and the fact it is very hard to find any Asian desserts back home in Wellington unless you made it at home.

I decided to go to Tin Hau, which is the neighbouring suburb to where I am staying on my current visit.   I saw Auntie Sweet (an asian dessert shop) that specialises in tofu related desserts.

The small dessert shop was pack with locals and visiting Asian tourists.   Luckily when we arrived there was a spare table for Plus 1 and I, and to top it off the menu was in both Chinese and English.

We placed our orders and near instantly our desserts arrived.

Black sesame ice cream with black sesame tofu and sago – the sesame tofu with sago was very interesting.  the texture was thick from the pureed tofu pudding, sago and ground black sesame.  The ice cream was very cream with a good strong flavour of black sesame.    This was definitely something which I have not tried before.

Hot Tofu Pudding – the hot tofu pudding came in a bamboo bucket with a timer which was counting down from 1.5 minutes  we were told not to open it until the beeper went off.    This was quite an interesting concept and have never encountered, to involved the customer in ‘cooking’ their own dessert.

When the timer went off we lifted the lid a heap of steam rose from the bamboo bucket.  we began to dig in immediately.  the tofu pudding was pipping hot.  The pudding itself was very smooth which did not require any additional sugar, even though there was sugar on the table that you can help yourself to.    This would have to be one of the best tofu puddings I have had in recent times and one of the most interesting ones too at that.

Will definitely be back to try other flavours when I am in Hong Kong next.

Location:  G/F, 13 Tsing Fung Street, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

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