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www.misopeckish.comI have been to Little Penang a number of times both dining in and for take outs.   Little Penang have recently moved to larger premises right next door, which is a good thing, as you can now find a seat.   At their older premises there were a handful of seats and every time we walked by it was always full which meant we always decided to skip this place and head somewhere else.

Little Penang serves quite authentic Malaysian street food at reasonable prices.   some of the food items are in a warmer while others are cooked to order.   The menu is listed on a blackboard by the door, and patrons are encouraged to place their orders at the counter,  where you are then given a number to take to your table.

The owners – Tee and Keith came to Wellington from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for a better life to raise their children.

Panang Laksa aka Assum Laksa– is more or less described as a spicy thick round rice noodle soup using fish broth topped with fresh pineapple, herbs and ginger bud.   At first taste this dish is relatively spicy which I personally quite like, however it may not be for the light hearted.

Char Keow Tau – Apparently not as oily as other Char Keow Tau that you would get in Singapore or other restaurants in Wellington.

Mee Siam with chicken.   The additional of the chicken drumstick cost $1 extra.   However you are able to choose any chicken from the warming drawer.

Claypot Rice with Chinese Sausage, Chicken and Mushroom.  This is apparently Plus 1’s favourite dish.  The Chinese sausage, chicken and mushrooms are cooked on top of the rice in a claypot so that all the flavours from the sausage, chicken and mushroom are captured by the rice.   The rice at the bottom of the dish tends to be relatively crunchy which is the part that most people enjoy.  I however prefer the  rice directly beneath the sausage and chicken which has more flavour.    You can opt to mix everything together or eat as is.  I would come to say this was the highlight dish of the evening.

Chicken Curry – the chicken itself is tender.  However there was nothing exciting about this dish, just your average chicken curry served with rice, sambal, peanuts and some egg.

All the dishes except the Penang Laksa comes with sambal (similar to an onion chutney) which you use to mix into your dish.

Tou Fu Fah  – this dish is also commonly referred to as sweet bean curd pudding.  compressed tofu that is served in a bowl with sugar syrup.  This deseert is one of my favourite asian dessert and I never leave without having a bowl of tou fu fah.  The texture of this dessert can vary from  being very smooth to not so smooth.

Pandan Cake – little cupcake with pandan flavour and pandan custard inside and along the top of the cupcake.  I personally found the cake part a little dry.  However the  pandan custard was quite nice.   The custard was more on the harder side than on the softer side.  the cake had the right level of pandan flavour not too overwhelming but enough so that you can taste the distinct pandan flavour.

Various other desserts:

Glutenous rice with coconut  and rice flour roll with cocnut and brown sugar – were two interesting desserts which I would not be in a hurry to have again.  I was expecting something sweet, these however were not very sweet

Mains that are taken from the ‘warmer’ drawer are not very warm, which means once it is plated and delivered to your table it would most likely to be luke warm.

Location:  Oaks Complex, 40 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand

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