Law Fu Kee

www.misopeckish.comHaving just had lunch with some family friends, I was tempted to ask them ‘as local’s’ where would be a good place to have congee (rice porridge).  They suggested Law Fu Kee.  We were shown this place after lunch so that we could go back and have congee when we felt like it.

We arrived early in the morning as we were quite hungry and was looking around something clean and simple.

The shop was not as busy as I hoped which was a good thing, as it meant that we did not need to queue.  As you walk in, the kitchen is divided into two.  The left hand side is where the congee is made

and the right hand side is where the noddles and dumplings are cooked.

the decor is simplistic.   Half of the workers were sitting at a table making wontons and a lot of it..   We were admiring their skill and speed at which they made the wontons.  On the rare occasion we would see the wonton filling fall onto the chair which was immediately picked up by the chiefs without any hesitation and scrapped back into the wonton skin.  Plus 1 and I looked at each other in disbelief.. then I said ‘I am not surprised.  Gives it the extra flavour’.

The toppings you choose weren’t cooked until you place your order. Only then will the sifu (chief)  scoop out a bowl of congee from a large pot, then transfer the smaller amount of congee to a smaller pot. The sifu will then boil the congee and the toppings quickly.
Fried Doughuts ( You Tiao) – I believe these were brought in from somewhere as opposed to being made in house. These arrived first and as usual Plus 1 gobbled them down very quickly, even before the congee had arrived.   They were light and airy, but was bit oily for my liking.  We had to order another one when the congee arrived.

Fish Congee – the congee was smooth, thick and well seasoned.  there was a good portion of fish in the congee, nothing to fault.    We managed to share one bowl between the two of use.

Wonton Noodle Soup – as usual, the wontons were cooked til al dente.  The dumplings were delicous.  Large prawns, little pork mince, and well seasoned.

Will be back to try other congee flavours and is reasonably priced.

Location:  G/F, 142 Queen’s Rd C,, Central

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