One Dim Sum – Jordan

www.misopeckish.comOne Dim Sum is another cheap dim sum place that rivals Tim Ho Wan.  with two store fronts in Jordan and North Point.   After reading numerous reviews the Jordan store front seems to be the more popular one.

We decided to go to the outlet in Jordan.  We arrived 15 minutes prior to opening and was able to get a seat without having to wait.  One Dim Sum has a handful of seats and the menu is printed on piece of paper that is used as a table mat.  A ticket is provided to you in chinese, but you can order by ticking the number that is associated to the table mat menu.

Everything is cooked to order, so that dishes are piping hot when they arrive at the table.

Sui Mai – were delicious and juicy.  The sui mai contains roughly chopped lean pork with prawns and is perhaps one of the stars at the restaurant.

Har Gao –  was ok.  I would not say they are the best, but definitly better than the ones we get back home in New Zealand.   the skins were nice and thin and flavoursome.

Gluentious Rice Dumpling – very large serving and very tasty.

Contains some chicken pork, and chinese sausage with the right amont of sauce to keep the entire dish tasty and moist.  This is quite a filling dish and for te amount you pay for this dish you can afford to not finish it up.

 Rice Dumpling

Chicken, Mushroom and fish Maw – stunning.  Its hard to get fish maw in New Zealand and sometimes you wonder if it really is fish maw or puffed pig fat.  This was a the genuine thing.  The chicken was defiently Plus 1’s favourite part of the dish, it was juicy and well seasoned.  There was just one large mushroom which was soft, juicy and fill of flavour.

Prawn Rice Roll – Found the rice roll to be relatively thick for my liking and only a couple of prawns per rice roll.  Was not very impressed with this dish.

 Rice Dumpling

Turnip Cake – probably one of the best turnip cakes i have tasted.  It had the right amount of seasoning and is best served with a little chilli sauce and hoisin sauce.    The exterior was nice and crunchy outside and very soft inside.

Fried Dumpling with Salted Meat – crispy chewy fried glutinous rice balls filled with salted pork

Rice Dumpling

Prawn dumplings with Vegetable seedling –  tasty, I much prefer this dish over the har gao.  Full of green vegetables and plump shrimp.

Veal Chop with black pepper – I didnt think too much of this dish.  Found the veal chop to have too much bicarbinate soda. which meant makes the meat softer.   However Plus 1 thought it was pretty good.

Chicken and Salty Fish on Rice – was delicious.  the chicken was flavoursome and tender.  The salty fish was easy to flake so that you can mix the chicken and salty fish through the rice to give the rice more flavour.

Malay Cake – A very large serving that it had filled the bamboo dish that it came in.  I personally found it to be a little on the sweet side.

Location: Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong


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