Dessert Story

www.misopeckish.comWhat drew me to this place were the pictures of their desserts on the shop window.  I am a fan of unusual desserts and espeically asian desserts as they are hard to find back home in Wellington, New Zealand.   Dessert Story specilises in hot and cold Taiwanese and Hong Kong desserts which are hand made.

The patronage are generally of asian decent, however you do see the odd non-asian enjoying their desserts.

The decor is interesting ot say the least.  The wall paper against one wall is of books on a book case and lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Desserts are  ordered from the counter where you will find a large menu board on the wall aswell as a proper menu which you can take back to your table if you require more time to decide on a dessert.   Once you  have placed your dessert, you will be given a number to take back to your table.  The desserts are then delivered to you.

Dessert Story offers a wide range of Taiwanese and HOng Kong desserts ranging from Tofu pudding, shaved ice, Herbal Jelly (grass jelly) and glutenous rice  with a varitiey of toppings.

Herbal Jelly – Cold consisting of grass jelly, tapioca pearls, gluentous rice balls cocunut milk on ice.  Good selection of toppings which I love and is usually the dessert that I would select when I visit.   These desserts are large enough to be shared between two if you wanted to.  The glutenous rice balls are served hot, however with the coldness of hte ice, the glutenous rice balls will harden if left in the bowl too long.

Herbal Jelly – Hot.  Simiar to the cold version with the exception of the coconut milk with the exception that it is hot.   This is great for colder days, however the down side to this dish is that the herbal jelly and the tapioca pearls both melts into a black goey liquid.  with the hot liquid the glutenous rice balls remained nice and

Plain tofu with sugar syrup are slightly grainy, if you like your tofu that way.  I generally perfer my tofu to be smooth and silky.  These can be served hot or cold.  The sugar syrup was just perfect with the right balance, not sickly sweet nor too bland.

Mango Puddding with Coconut milk – the mango pudding itself has a nice smooth soft, creamy, fruity textrure.

Tofu Pudding with Mango and chocolate mouse – this is part of the mixed pudding series.  Interesting combination with the chocolate mouse.  Tofu was soft and smooth, with the pureed mango gave the tofu an extra fruity spark.

Location:  195 Little Bourke St, Melbourne CBD



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