Yung Kee According to all the reviews online, Yung Kee is famous for its roast goose and century eggs.  And what do you do when you love roasted goose which you can not get back home? you decide to give this place a try, in which we did.

From the street, you can see the famous roasted meats hanging from the restaurant window.  I was already licking my lips ready to tuck into my roast goose which I soon would be ordering.




The restaurant is set over two stories.  There was already a queue when we arrived, but luckily we had made a reservation ahead of time.  The lady at the front directed us upstairs, where another waitress was waiting for us to take us to our tables.  As we walked to our tables, I noticed this place was fill of tourists and visiting business people from other countries, I guess this is what happens when you have a restuarnt located in central Hong Kong.

Complimentary Soup – the contents of the soup such as the pork bones and other garnishes were extracted from the soup bowl and placed on a  plate.  The pork bones were left on the table so that we could pick at the pork bones as and when we felt the urge to.

The waiter then dished out the soup evenly amonth the soup bowls on the table.

Brasied Tofu – nice braised in a light sauce which gave the tofu flavour.  The tofu itself was very smooth

Snowpea Shoots – Every meal, at least one dish ordered must be vegetables.  The snowpea shoots were just that.  Nothing speical about them, but perfectly cooked in which there was a still a slight crunch to them.

BBQ Pork / Crispy Pork – Two kinds of meat on a dish.  We were asked what type of meat we wanted, ie lean or fatty.  We went for a bit of both for the BBQ pork and lean for the crispy pork.  The crispy pork was delicious.  The crackling was light yet crunchy.  The BBQ pork was succulent, perhaps it was the fact we ordered it slightly fatty.  I found it too fatty for my liking so I had to extract the fat from the meat.  The BBQ pork had a good balance of sweet and savoury flavour.

Roast Goose – Now for the star of the show, the roast goose was good but was not crying out to be the best ever roasted goose I have had.  I can not complain to much as you cannot get roast goose back in New Zealand.   I was a bit disappointed with all the hype which I read from reviews.  The duck itself is meaty and you could ask for a specific part of the goose.  ie the breast or the leg.  We ordered half a goose so decided to get the breast and the leg.

Location:  32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

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