The Chairman

www.misopeckish.comThe Chairman became famous for its tasting menus.  The food is made without MSG, and some condiments are made inhouse such as the pickled ginger.   The Chairman’s menu changes seasonally.

The most famous dish – and rightly so – is the steamed flower crab with aged Shaoxing wine and chicken oil,  other dishes include soy sauce chicken, slow-cooked pork spare ribs and smoked baby pigeon.

Reading reviews and recommendations from friends I had high expections of this place.  I found this place mediocre, perhaps it was the dishes we choose.  The Chairman is also listed in the Asia’s Top 50 restaurants.

We were meeting our friends here and had had a head start. It took us a while to find this place as it is located in a small back lane even with the help of google maps which led us astray, perhaps due to all the high rise office towers nearby, which meant our location on google maps was not 100% accurate.   The signage was small, therefore was not obvious when trying to spot it from a distance.  We eventually found the place by which time we meet our friends at the front door step.

Fresh flowery crab with aged shaoxing wine and  fragrant chicken oil was impressive arriving assembled but already cracked, as if it was gorging on fat rice noodles.   The crab meat was sweet and lush, the shaoxing wine present in just the right quantity and at no point overpowering, the fragrant chicken oil added another level of depth and complexity to the sauce.  The rice noodles were perfect mop everything up.    To say the least a very interesting flavour.

Wild Clams Stir Fried with Chilli Jam and Basil –  We decided on this dish due the the interesting ingredients used, chilli jam and basil.  I honestly have not seen the use of basil in a Chinese dish before, so was interested to know how basil will taste in a Chinese dish.  The dish was saucy and extremely tasty.  The chilli jam gave a little kick but was not overpowering and the hint of basil worked perfectly with the clams.  I noticed the clams are the not usual clams you get back in New Zealand, as these seem to have ‘feet’. the clams itself were of a good size and juicy and had a natural sweetness.

Tea Smoked Duck with Tamarind and Dark Sugar – I love anything smoked or roasted in Hong Kong and the Tea Smoke Duck was no exception.  Wonderfully smoked giving off a good hint of tea and a sweet tamarind taste.  the duck itself had a thin layer of fat beneath the skin, which I found easy to pick off.  the duck was tender which meant it was easy to take bites out of.

Braised Layered Beancurd with Chinese Mushrooms – Since I am a huge mushroom fan, we decided to order something with mushroom.  The braised beancurd was more on the softer side than on the firmer side. Initially I thought it was tofu cut in half, however upon closer inspection it was layered

Braised Spare Ribs with Preserved Plums in Caramelized Black Vinegar.  Yum!  Spare ribs were deep fried, then braised in this delicious plum and caramelised black vinegar sauce, rendering this semi sweet and thick sauce in which you continuously lick your lips for more.

Osmanthus & Wolfberry Ice-cream – it is amazing how many ways one could name an ingrediten. Wolfberry is the same as a Goji berry.  Interesting but a good combination to turn into an ice cream.  The ice cream itself was relatively creamy, but not as creamy as New Zealand ice cream, which made it quite enjoyable.

Pickled Ginger Ice-cream – another interesting flavour which provided a good hit of ginger and bits of ginger throughout the ice cream.  we all decided that the Osmanthus & Wolfberry Ice-cream was the better of the two.

Location:  Kau U Fong, Hong Kong


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