Victoria Street Cafe

www.misopeckish.comIt was a fine Saturday morning, strolling around town starting to feel famished, we decided to head to Victoria Street Cafe, a cafe that we have not been to in a number of years so we decided to give it a try again.

We walked in and saw a sign saying ‘take a menu and help yourself to a table’.  We did just that.  As walked to our chosen table, I glanced over the counter to see what counter food that was available.   it was basically was non existent only a small handful of slices and a couple panini’s.

Service was fairly slow even though there were only a handful of patrons dining.  I had to waive a staff member down several times before they came and took our order.

Pear and Blueberry Smoothie had no taste –  a huge disappointment as it is not very hard to make a good smoothie.  Plus 1 took a few sips and later opted to consume water instead.

Morrican Lamb Ragu with Cousus, yoghurt and harrisa.  Was something I was not expecting.  Disproportion amount of lamb ragu to the amount of couscous that was served and the most obvious lack of sauce.  I was chocking under dryness of the the couscous.  There were possibly 3 spoonfuls of Lamb Ragu and 2 cups of couscous and there was only enough sauce to coat the Lamb Ragu.

Chicken and Mushroom Tagatelli – Was by far a better dish than the Lamb Ragu.  Even though I am not a huge fan of creamy pasta, this dish is passable.  The dish was served with a lot of chicken.   The pasta itself was house made, but slightly over cooked as I prefer my pasta to be cooked to al dente.

Location: 98 Victoria St, Wellington


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