Alexandre Patisserie

www.misopeckish.comCute French patisserie tucked around the corner from George Street in Palmerston North.   Alexandre’s serves a good selection of french patisseries that are on display ranging from macaroons to croissants to croque monsuer to pies to tarts

We ordered two croissants and two coffees.  I was not asked whether I wanted the croissants to be heated or not and were taken away to what I had believed to be heated.

We waited for a long time for the croissants to be heated, by which time I had already finished my coffee, which was a bit disappointing as I would have loved to indulge my croissant with my coffee.

Both the almond and mushroom filled croissant came at the same time.  At initial inspection, the heated crossiants had flattened under the heat and was soggy.  It no longer had the flaky crunch texture,  it was as if they were heated in a microwave.   I would have expected a proper french patisserie to have heated the croissants to a point where they were warm, crispy and flaky.

The mushroom filling in the mushroom croissant was relatively thick and tasted too much of cornflower and lacked seasoning.

The almond croissant was exceptionally flat. It seemed to have a bit of custard mixed with the almond meal.  It would have been better if the croissant was not heated.

Alexandre uses fair trade Inca coffee beans.   Coffee was ok.  Slightly on the bitter side but passable.  They were made and delivered to us in no time.

Mushroom croissant, Almond croissant and 2 coffees cost $19.10

Location:  9 Coleman Place, Palmerston North

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