www.misopeckish.comPrefab has been around for a few months now.   The current proprietors use to be the owners that established Cafe Laffare just around the corner, who have since sold the business and have started up a new one.

There are a number of large communal tables aswell as small tables inside and a few tables outside where you can perch yourself to enjoy the great Wellington sun.

As you walk in through the main doors, two large wooden doors greet you and a dog bowl of water, which I find to be quite a novelty for the avid dog owners.

You will find Bridget the co-owner at the front of the house, the person who usually greets you.

Prefab’s menu is constantly changing, which is good for returning patrons being offered a variety.  I have dined here on several occasions and everytime the food prices seem to increase which I find very disappointing.  However with the price increases, people still come which tells me whatever they are doing, they are doing it right.

They seem to have most in-house made items branded as ACME, which includes coffee beans, bread, chutneys, jams, crockery etc..

I must say, their breads are absolutely delicious! I definitely recommend their ciabatta’s.  Which you can take home.  Moore Wilsons (located just down the road) also sell ACME breads.

Service was great.  Upon arrival, was greeted and taken to a table and was asked if I wanted coffee while I wanted for my friend to arrive.  Thereafter, service went down hill.  It was hard to flag down a staff to take our orders, when I could clearly see two staff behind the counter stocking sweets, who clearly were not interested in serving any customers.

Coffee is slowly improving.  its not the best coffee but is passable.

Doughnuts – I would have to say these are the best doughnuts I have had in a cafe in Wellington.  Prefab uses a brioche dough, which makes the doughnut soft and light, which are filled with cream and jam.  Most of the time when I arrive for lunch on a week day are generally sold out.  To avoid any disappointment and to guarantee yourself a doughnut when you visit, you can call ahead to have one put aside for you.

Blackened Fish with Coleslaw.  The fish was cooked to perfection and well seasoned.  however if you need additional salt or pepper, salt and pepper is always available on each table.

Roasted vegetables and wild Rice Salad was served warm.  The dish is very filling and full of flavour.

Beef Burger – has since evolved from its early days where it use to be a meat patty sandwich in a ciabatta bun with tomato sauce and chips on the side.

Tomato, Mozarella and basil Hot sandwich –  was just perfect.  Beautifully toasted such that the mozarella was melted and everytime you take a bite  the mozarella pulled strings.  With the chutney on the side gave the sandwich an extra kick.

Ham, Cheese and Tomato Hot Sandwich – perfectly toasted. Tomatoes were of the right firmness – not to firm nor to soft. and beautifully seasoned.

Prefab are open Monday to Saturday, reserving Sunday as a ‘family’ day.

Location: 14 Jessie St, Wellington

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