Amisfield Winery and Bistro – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comThere and back again.  I thought I’d give Amisfield’s A la carte menu a go, since our previous visit we opted for the ‘Trust the Chef Menu‘ where you can see my review here.

Nothing has changed since our last visit except the fact it was raining so everyone was dining indoors.

The wine tasting room was quite full at the time in which we did not get an opportunity to try any wines this time round.

Butterfish, Parsley & Walnut Pesto, Endive, White anchovy Vinaigrette was beautifully cooked to golden on one side rendering it juicy in the inside.  The white anchovy vinaigrette was delicious and full of flavour and a slight tang which accompanied the fish very well.

Merino Lamb Tagine, Coriander, Yoghurt, Grilled Flatbread.  I opted to choose the grilled flatbread for some sourdough.  The waiter was more than happy to accommodate my request.  The dish was very filling, that I ended up giving half my dish to Plus 1.

As a huge fan of souffles I decided to order the Chocolate Souffle, as souffles are hard to find in and around Wellington.  The souffle was cooked perfectly, not to dry not to runny and not to sweet.   The combination with the vanilla mascapone and the chocolate went well together.  However would have loved it even more if there was some berry coulis that we could pour into the souffle.

After lunch, the skies decided to open up allowing us to step outside for a moment to take a few snaps

Location:  1113 Wanaka-Cromwell Road, Queenstown

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