Mama Brown Mama Brown located where Wholly Bagels use to be on Wakefield Street (opposite the Hyundai car dealers). Which now plays host to a Southern American/Mexican dining establishment serving the likes of tacos, empanadas, sliders, milkshakes, American style breakfast etc.

At the time of writing this review, I have since been back once again this time for breakfast.  My review for the breakfast item is below.

I came by for a quick small bite before heading back to work during my lunch break.  As I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly waitress offering me a table anywhere I pleased and promptly informed me of the blackboard specials.

Pulled BBQ duck empanada with cherry was absolutely delicious.  The pulled duck was full of flavour and if there were more on my plate I would be more than happy to polish them all off and licking my plate clean.   The downside to the empanada was that the pastry (flaky pastry) was not cooked enough.  Each empanada came with mescalin salad that was drowned in dressing.

Spicy Fish taco consisting of Mama Browns secret recipe spice, chipotle lime mayo, salsa Mexicana and salad greens and caramelised lime was delicious.  The fish was well cooked and well seasoned. The only down side was too much dressing.  A note to myself for next time is to ask for the dressing/sauce on the side.

Once I had finished my ordered items, the boss came by and asked what I thought of the items I had ordered. I was blunt and told him what I thought about my under cooked empanda pastry so that they could improve on it the next time.  the boss was more than happy to take my feedback.  I proceeded to order another empanda and taco.

Prawn taco consisting of tiger prawns, shredded cabbage, Mexican tartar sauce and salsa Mexicana and caramelised lime – was delicious… there were a fair number of prawns perhaps 3-4 prawns.  absolutely delicious.  again the taco had too much dressing on it.. which mean a lot of the dressing ran down my hands  onto my plate.

Beef Flank empanada – contains strips of beef and small slice of boiled egg.  I found this empanada to be bit too dry for my liking..  it definitely needed something else to give it slightly more moisture.

I manage to convince Plus 1 to try this place as he is also a huge fan of empanadas.  For some reason I decided to give Mama Brown a call to ensure they had the duck empanadas, unfortuntely the didnt have it but stated their will be some from Friday.   I called again on Friday and they informed me that there will be some in the weekend.  I was quite devasted, as I was not going t be around in the wekeend to take plus 1 to try their duck empanadas.  I do hope the duck empanadas stay on the menu.

Wondering past Mama Brown on a Monday morning, I thought I would pop by and try one of the breakfast items at mama brown.  I ordered the vegetarian breakfast burrito consisting of portobello mushrooms, corn, jalapeno, egg etc.   the breakfast burrito came with a very small side of salad.  the portion size was fairly large.   It had enough flavour and well peppered.  I did not need anything else for the remainder of the day.

Flat White coffee –  came with a butter milk biscuit, which was a nice touch and great for dunking.  The coffee itself was smooth however it could have been slightly better with another shot of espresso.

What I love about Mama Brown is that they remember  you and what you like and disliked.  For example they remembered  I like my food spicy.   Mama Brown even gave me extra jalapenos with my burrito.   Great service I say!

I will definitely be back to try the other tacos.  I only wish Mama browns was located within the Lambton Quay end of the CBD…  it would give the other Mexican outlets a run for their money especially with their soft shell tacos at $6 each.  I just hope Mama Brown does not up their prices.

Location:  250 Wakefield Street, Wellington

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