The Ramen Shop

www.misopeckish.comThe Ramen Shop is a popup Ramen joint that randomly pops up around Wellington.   Recently it has been popping up regularly at the Wellington City Market on Sunday mornings.

For their next location and 0pening times, stay tuned to The Ramen Shop’s Facebook page, as it is announced on there.

The people behind The Ramen Shop are the same people from the Pickle Bar and Eating house.

I stumbled upon this place when I was Googling ‘ramen’ in Wellington.   I was notified by Facebook that The Ramen Shop will be popping up at the Flight Hangar on Friday evening.   Plus 1 and I, who are huge fans of ramen decided to go along and check out if the Ramen Shop had any standard.

We arrived at the Flight Hangar on Dixon Street at 7pm, Flight Hangar was chocka block full of people, we found ourselves  perching against the bar waiting for our ramen.

The majority of the clientele were students or young professionals, as you would guess due to social media aka Facebook.

Ramen were $12 a bowl which comes with nori, a thick slice of pork belly and you add additonal items such as pickled shitake, extra pork, extra bean sprouts, egg etc…


Six Barrel Soda – Cherry.  The first Six Barrel Soda that I have had.  Which is made up from concentrate and soda water added.

The all famous flat white latte – very delightful

There was a long wait for the ramen, when it did come the ramen was smelled so mouth watering good that it could not be described.

The standard $12 ramen which comes with nori, bean sprouts, pork.

The standard ramen with pickled shitake.

I found the ramen slightly under cooked, broth was luke warm.  The pickled shitake was full of flavour and perhaps the highlight of my dish.

Total cost of two Ramen with pickled shitake, Six Barrel Soda and a coffee came to $38.  yes we were overcharged by $3. – Very disappointing.

Location: Varies, wherever The Ramen Shop can find a location.

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