Little and Friday

www.misopeckish.comSmall cafe special suing in small treats. Owned and operated by Kim Evans who is a self taught baker, who started out by selling sweet goods on a Friday.  Now her business has expanded to two successful cafes in Auckland, published a book and the next one is due out late October 2013.

We went to the new market store as that was closer. Little an Fridays is located with a fabric store called Martha’s Fabrics.  Which sub leases part of the store to little and Friday.

Little and Fridays sweet and savoury items are all layers out nicely on the counter. And some in the shelf behind the counter all looking gorgeous shouting out ‘pick me’. There’s so much to choose from and all are eye catching. Each of the items are fairly large a hence the prices.


One of Little and Friday’s famous items, where you will see people queuing out the door are the cream dipomat doughnuts. Which are usually sold out by midday. In which I fell victim to.  Having made a trip to Auckland last weekend I thought I would pick up one of the famous doughnuts for an afternoon treat. Unfortunately they were all sold out.

I decided I come again the following morning, a small queue had formed at 11.30am, which did not extend beyond the counter. I searched if I could see the doughnuts, which I could and they had a good supply of them

I ordered a doughnut and two coffees.

In exchange of my money I was handed over a doughnut on a plate and an animal used to signify my coffee order.

As I Lifted the doughnut to bite, I was taken back to discover how heavy they were. I bite into it and all the luscious cream, jam and icing sugar splurges out into my mouth and around my lips. Definitely no holding me back to eat this clean and politley.
It was tasty, sweet and delicious. The creme was at the right thickness not too runny nor to thick. Together with the jam it was perfect. Not overly sweet.

I took a couple of bites and gave it to plus 1 to try. I decided to look around the fabric store, when I got back, plus 1 had consumed it all. I was horrified that plus 1 didn’t offer me any more and the fact he ate it all.

Will definitely be back for more doughnuts and perhaps give the other sweet and savoury items a try

Total cost of doughnut and two coffees was $13

Location: Martha’s fabrics, 12 Melrose St, Newmarket,  Auckland

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