Thunderbird – Wellington on a Plate 2013

www.misopeckish.comOur second impromptu stop for the Wellington on a Plate lunch was Thunderbird Cafe.  Thunderbirds specialises in Mexican, American Southwest food which is the sister restaurant to Sweet Mothers Kitchen  on Courtaney Place.

Thunderbirds do a good selection of counterfood and sweet treats, which became my local haunting joint for coffee and sweet treats when I use to work in this part of Featherston street.

I opted for the two course lunch menu, while the Plus1 opted for Thunderbirds normal lunch meal.

The entree of Asparagus soup with Wairarapa free range poached egg and Brooklyn rye Vienna bread was replaced with a cauliflower and truffle oil soup with Brooklyn rye Vienna bread, as asparagus was not in season.  The soup portion was large enough to feed myself and Plus1.   it was deliciously smooth, well seasoned and had a good dollop of truffle oil.   The Brooklyn rye bread came toasted with Anchor butter.  The bread was soft and had a good flavour.

The Brooklyn rye bread came toasted with Anchor butter.  The bread was delicious, soft and had a good flavour.

Free range Wairarapa pulled-pork sandwich with shredded cabbage, potato salad and housemade citrus herb BBQ sauce.  I attempted to ask the waiter whether I can switch the sandwich bread from a ciabatta to that lovely Brookyn rye, but was told I could not.  I twas a bit disappointed that they could not accommodate my request.   the sandwich itself was difficult to eat. when I tried to pick it up to put it into my mouth the filling dropped out onto my basket.  the BBQ sauce was deliciously and flavoursome.   the sandwich would have been better if there was more pork.  The potato was average, very stodgy the only thing you could taste of mayonaise.

I decided to order the Mela juice (an apple juice) instead of a wine as I had an important meeting at 2pm.  It was not too sweet and not too tart.    Cottier Sauvignon Blanc 2011 or Pinot Noir 2012, or Mela juice

The Fish Stack consisting of bubble & squeak, roquette, house smoked fish & a poached egg topped w Thunderbird Hollandaise did not look appealing when it arrive. it came with one very small piece of smoked fish which look like a mackerel.  the dish had no flavour.    the only good thing I could say about this dish was that the egg was perfectly cook.   The egg needed some crack pepper and salt.

The two course WOAP cost $25 and the Fish Stack cost $16.50.  Quite expensive for an average lunch.

Location:  154 Featherston St, Wellington

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