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www.misopeckish.comFook Lam Moon is an old school traditional Cantonese (Guangdong) Chinese restaurant that has been around since 1953. They have retained their one Michelin star in 2013 according to the Hong Kong and Macau Michelin guide.

Fook Lam Moon uses premium ingredients and you can clearly taste the quality of the ingredients that are used.    One you tried this, you definitely do not want to go back to your local yum cha place.  When we went, there was the bird flu scare and didnt think much of it so we decided to order drunken chicken, the waiter told us it was not available due to the bird flu.

They have expanded around asia which includes Hong Kong’s Tsim sha tsui, Tokyo Ginza, Osaka , Tokyo Marunochi, Shanghai and Shezhen Shangri-la Hotel, but we went to their flagship restaurant in Wanchai  in Hong Kong.

Fook Lam Moon have an extensive Dinner menu and selection of Dim Sum dishes.  We came here by recommendation from a friend to try this place.  Their dim sum menu is more extensive than some other restuarnts that offer dim sum. However if you think the dim sum menu is light, I would suggest that you order some larger main dishes.

When we went, the restaurant was full of what seems to be high powered, wealthy business people for a working lunch, my understanding is that celebrities can be spotted dining here.   When we left the restaurant, we noticed lots ofexpensive cars and their chauffeurs waiting for their bosses who were clearly dining at Fook Lam Moon.   Do not fear, they still welcome people from all walks of life.

We ordered a selection of dim sum dishes. Even though most resturants no longer push carts around the restuarnt they do bring out a small number of dishes asking if you would like one,

Har Gao – Steam Prawn Dumplings.   These golf ball sized dumplings were rammed with chunks of delicious sweet prawn held neatly together with a little bit of prawn mince encased in a springy pastry. *Mr Wasabi Recommended Dish*

BBQ Pork Pie – first impressions when this dish arrived was ‘what is this biscuit, I did not order any biscuit’.  What I found is never judge something by its appearance.   The pie’s exterior has a delicate crumbly cookie texture which compliments well with the moist sweet savoury BBQ pork filling.   Usually other BBQ pork pastries have flaky puff pastry. Where you think it lacks in appearance it definitely does not lack on taste.   *Mr Wasabi Recommended Dish*

Pan Fried Turnip Cake.  The radish cake had great consistency/texture but the real star of this dish was the fried cured meat…it was really tasty! The flavor was quite intense but just right. Throw in a little sweet sauce…I quite liked this dish.

Steamed Rice Rolls with BBQ Pork and Prawn – The skin exterior is nice and thin while the BBQ pork inside was just as tasty as the BBQ pork in the BBQ pork pie.   The prawns were succulent, large and delicate as per its cousin the Har Gao.  The sauce was very tasty  which made the dishes absolutely pleasant

Egg Tarts are another signature item from Fook Lam Moon. The egg custard portion was very creamy and ‘eggy’ while the pastry portion was light and flaky. It almost completely falls apart when it enters your mouth. I personally favor the western pie crust style egg tarts but these bite sized egg tarts at Fook Lam Moon were of high quality.

Pork Dumplings – Sui Mai.  Skin was nice and thin, the fill was coarsely chopped pork meat with prawn and mushrooms.  Nice cooked, not too lean and not too fatty.  Well seasoned.

Steamed layered custard and egg cake, beautiful thin layers of custard, egg and bread.

Steamed prawn dumplings with vegetables – these are made with shrimp mixed with bits of water chestnuts and vegetables. The skin, very nice and thin and steamed perfectly, complemented the filling without being too sticky or heavy

Glutinous dumplings with red bean paste wrapped in a piece of leaf, as the name suggests, the glutinous dumpling is smooth and fabulously stretchy. The red bean paste filling is not overly sweet and has a strong, natural taste of red bean.

Fresh mango pudding – nothing I have tasted gets close to this.  Fresh sweet mangoes are used.  I ordered this as I wanted to try what a mango pudding would  taste at a Michelin starred restaurant to non-Michelin starred restaurants and clearly I made the right choice, it was more fruity than creamy, generally evaporated milk is poured on top of the mango pudding but nothing was required to hide or mask any flavours in this mango pudding.   This does not even come close to the mango puddings at Hui Lau Shan.

Steam traditional brown sugar sponge cake –  adoringly light, airy and fluffy, and not too sweet, it was a nice way to end the (very filling) meal

Service is outstanding, all waiters were able to speak good english and provide you with recommendations.

Location: 35-45 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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