Best Pineapple Cakes at Chia Te

The best Taiwanese pineapple cakes can be found at Chia Te in Taipei.   Chia Te has been around since 1975 and has one outlet in Taiwan, which is located in Taipei city.  It is always crowded with excited customers, so be prepared to queue.

Chia Te is renowned for their pineapple cakes which also makes a good  souvenir or gift options.  I was a bit skeptical at first, wondering how on earth can they be that good.   The pineapple cakes itself are slightly moist and the density just right.

The crust is soft, not flaky and does not overwhelm.  I would definitely recommend anyone who is a fan of pineapple cakes or wanting to try a good pineapple cake to make a journey to Chia Te.   Once you have tried these pineapple cakes and eat another pineapple cake you will learn that nothing compares.


Each pineapple cake is individually wrapped to maintain freshness.

Chia Te also makes a number different flavoured cakes such as cranberry, cherry, plum etc aswell as wife cakes, moon cakes, sun cakes, egg tarts, other cakes and bread products.

Their egg tarts are the biggest I have seen.  They look appealing, but I found the pastry case to be a bit too thick for my liking.

Items are baked throughout the day, meaning things are very fresh.  Some items do not have any english writing, so you need to be lucky that you manage to find  a staff member who speaks english.

Note: When we visited in May 2013, Chia Te only took cash.

Location: 105 Nanjing East Road, Section 5, No 88, Taipei

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