Sizzling Chorizo – Ponsonby Central

www.misopeckish.comEl Sizzling Chorizo is an Argentina BBQ which is also known as Parillia.   In South America most Parillia places are all you can buffets where you get to choose which part of the BBQ’d carcass (beef, lamb chicken, offal etc..) you would like eg, the rib, the rump, the flank, the  sirloin etc etc..

El Sizzling Chorizo in Ponsonby Central is the closest I have seen in New Zealand to the South American Parillia with the exception of El Matador in Wellington.  The pictures you see on the internet leads you to believe this place was a proper restaurant with a few number of tables and seats.   This is not the case with stores within Ponsonby Central.  There are seats at the counter that overlooks the grill and a small handful of seats outside and by the window.


What I love about this place is that they put a entire carcass on the grill which makes it look authentic.

All items are lightly sprayed with lemon juice and are served on a wooden chopping board accompanied with a side of mesulin salad.

We decided to grab a bite before our flight back to Wellington and ordered the mixed grill to share consisting of BBQ pork belly, beef, lamb and chicken.  Chicken is not my first choice of meat, however the chicken was tender and juicy. the beef and lamb were juicy and nicely cooked.  Pork belly was slight too fatty for my liking, which meant I had to spend a bit of time separating the fat from the meat.   what I would like to have seen is more chimchurri sauce as it complemented the meats very very well.

Mixed grill came to $30.

Location: 136-138 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland,

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