Little Bread and Butter – Ponsonby Central

Specialises in organic sourdoughs, European specialty breads and a selection of cakes and pastries.  After the consumption of our Poutine from The Dairy, we needed our caffeine fix and something sweet to wash down all the carbs and gravy.

This is a quaint little cafe with a good selection of cakes, pastries and breads.  They even provide toasters for you to toast your breads to the way you like it.

The hand rails at the counter were oversized rolling pins which I thought was a good touch to the decor.

If you look up at the lamp shades, you can see they are made from old kitchen items such as tea pots, bowls, colanders.

There is limited seating here, similar to The Dairy.  We arrived around 3pm, so was not expecting a huge selection of patisserie.

Our very large coffees arrived (I was expecting a small cup of coffee as what you would expect back in Wellington).  I ordered a latte which I found to be mediocre, and very weak.  I was not asked what size coffee I wanted, so they by default gave me the medium size. wanted.

We ordered a raspberry Swiss Kiss which is basically a flavoured mellow puff.  They come in various flavours: Lime, Raspberry, Vanilla or Espresso.  The chocolate coating of the Swiss Kiss was thin and light, and the marshmallow was very flavoursome.

I will be back to try some of their almond croissants and other patisserie items next time.

Two coffees and a Swiss Kiss came to $12

Location: 136-138 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland



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