IMG_7210Ombra as been open for a number of weeks and is situated on the corner of Cuba and Vivian Street formerly Peaches and Cream.  The best way to describe this place is ‘Italian tapas’ serving a number of small dishes ranging from breads, pizzas, meat, fish dishes, salads and desserts.

We went on a Friday night where there was a waiting time between 30-45 minutes.  Ombra is one of a growing number of restaurants that do not take reservations, allowing them to turn tables around faster.

We decided to wait at the bar. The waitress gave us the drinks menu and at the same time I asked for the food menu which arrived promptly.  It was quite busy that night and found it hard to wave down a waitress to take our orders.   We waited around ten minutes before we were  shown to our seats, I was quite pleased with the short waiting time.

Not long after being seated, our food started to arrive as and when they were cooked.  We ordered a number of dishes including ‘the brids that got away’,  which is traditionally done with wild birds.  Ombra interpreted the dish by wrapping veal in sage and bacon  served with polenta (recommended dish).


Rocket and grana padano cheese rolled in a slice of bresaola, maybe simple, but simple is always delicious.


Fritto Misto was described to me as a variety of fried fish, which I assumed were small fried whitebait that you normally find served in Spain.  I was taken by surprise when the dish arrived.  It mostly contained deep fried squid and a couple of prawns (note, there was no sign of any fish which the waiter had described to me).   All was not lost, as the squid and prawns were seasoned with a light coating flour before being deep fried.


Venison and mushroom meatballs were moist and tender and full of flavour and was happy to consume it all by myself if I was not dining with others.


Pizzette with porcini, scamorza and truffle oil, could have done with a bit more truffle oil and the pizzeette base could have been a little thinner.


If that was not enough, we decided to order creme caramel for dessert which had a hint of orange infused into the creme caramel.  Very delightful.


This is definitely worth a visit if you are after something different.  Ombra are open from the early hours of the morning  to late at night.

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