French Cancan

French Cancan French KissWith the closure of Simply Paris I was in search for a suitable replacement, until I came across the French Cancan, a small French patisserie located within Lychgate Mall in Newtown.  You would not know it was there unless someone told you about it

Patisserie items are cooked fresh everyday (Tuesday – Saturday) and sometimes specific items such as their almond croissants are sold out well ahead of lunch time.  There are also a selection of pies, quiches and salads.

Almond croissants – perhaps one of the better almond croissants in Wellington. The croissant itself is light and fluffy, the centre of the croissant is filled with delicious almond filling and topped with slivered almonds.

French Cancan Almond Croissant

Apple chausson (apple turnover).  Pastry is very light and filled with lots of apples.

French Cancan Apple chausson

Fresh rhurbarb and strawberry filling baked inside a brioche dough.  I must admit, it would be be slightly nicer if there was slightly more filling inside.


French Kiss in Paris, similar to a brioche containing fruit – Very aesthetically pleasing.  I was told by the staff that this would be a good dessert to share with a loved one.


If purchasing to takeaway, all delicate patisserie items are packaged in boxes.

French Cancan also offers customised cooking sessions can be pre-aggranged with a minimum of six people.

Location:  100 Riddiford Street, Lychgate centre, Newtown, Wellington

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